Encrypt Text Online

Protect your text by Encrypting and Decrypting any given text with a key that no one knows

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Warning! If you paste the text into forums or other tools, it may happen that the text is cut or blanks added, so the decryption may fail.

You can decrypt this message on the page: https://www.ucryptojs.com/decrypt.html

Can UCryptoJS help you?

UCryptoJS can help you if you need to protect your content on the web from prying eyes.
We are constantly monitored 24h / 24h and so are all the contents we write on the internet. Many times we would like our messages and content to be read only by our recipients, but we do not realize that millions of computers and software can read and process it without our knowledge.

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What can I encrypt and how can I use this service?

With UCryptoJS you can encrypt and hide any type of text! Some examples:

1) You can send encrypted messages on WhatsApp, even on groups. In this way even if a message were read or intercepted on a mobile phone it would be illegible.

2) You can send encrypted messages on Facebook. Anyone who accesses your conversations without your knowledge wouldn't know how to decrypt messages. You could even create entire groups and fully encrypted pages! So even if accessible from the internet they would be illegible.

3) You can send encrypted emails. Only you and the target can read the content. Furthermore, if for any reason you are wrong to send an email, or someone accesses your email, the answers would be illegible.

4) You can send encrypted text messages. Nobody, not even the telephone operator could read the content.

5) You can enter the encrypted text on a clipboard or on a web page. Only those who know the password can decrypt the content.

Encrypting emails and messages

Encrypting emails and text messages is very simple thanks to UCryptoJs!
In fact, once you have generated your encrypted text you can send it via email to your contact, send him the page where you can decrypt it and very importantly, through a secondary channel you can send it the password to decrypt the mail / message.
The decrypted message will be visible directly on your browser, so no one who is spying on the communication will be able to read it! Remember not to send the password through the same channel!

Why is it important to protect my privacy?

Unfortunately even if we are in 2020 we can say that our privacy is not protected. Every day new news comes out of privacy violations, hackers who steal data from major internet companies, data breaches of all kinds.
We must never forget that anyone can read our unencrypted message that transits the internet. If it has been compromised, our provider may already show our data completely legible.
Another fundamental thing is to protect our communications, especially for those who can have direct access to our PC / smartphone.


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