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Can UCryptoJS help you?

UCryptoJS can help you if you need to protect your content on the web from prying eyes.
We are constantly monitored 24h / 24h and so are all the contents we write on the internet. Many times we would like our messages and content to be read only by our recipients, but we do not realize that millions of computers and software can read and process it without our knowledge.

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How does it work

UCryptoJS allows you to share your content via text, Facebook messages, emails and much more in encrypted format . Only those who know the password will be able to read the content. The decryption of the message will take place via a convenient graphical interface. The main thing is that the content of the message will never be sent to UCryptoJS or to any other server , the final decryption process of the message will take place in the user's browser . This means that no one can read the text of the decoded message if it is intercepting your communication and does not know the password, since the final message is decoded directly from the user's browser!

This is the content that any user / computer that intercepts your communication will read:


Completely illegible for any spy!

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